Exploring optionsMy best friend in college loved to go backpacking. That was not something I loved, but he bugged me enough that I decided to go on a short wilderness backpacking trip in the mountains with him. The first day we hiked up and reached our first campsite before nightfall. However, we saw no water.

Now my friend was an eagle scout. He excitedly pulled out his shovel, portable pump, and water purification tablets. I stood there thinking, “No water? I didn’t sign up for this.” I wandered over the next knoll and discovered a water faucet. So I came back and watched my friend dig for another ten minutes because he was having so much fun. Also, I wasn’t as nice back then as I am now. But eventually I couldn’t stand it anymore and I told him it might be a little easier if we just walked the 150 feet and used the faucet.

Before you go digging in with only one option, go explore a bit and see if there might be any other options out there. There might be a better one.