Missional Coach Competencies


This document unpacks the five core competencies of effective missional coaches, along with microskills for each competency. Downloadable PDF file.


What does it take to be a missional coach? What sets missional coaches apart from any other kind of coach? This downloadable PDF document outlines and unpacks the five competencies specific to missional coaching. These competences– along with their microskills– represent the areas that a good missional coach must be competent in, over and above the competencies all quality coaches must possess. The five missional coach competencies include:

  • Principle-based perspective: Thorough understanding of the basic principles that undergird incarnational missional ministry
  • Credibility and connection: The ability to connect helpfully and relationally with missional leaders
  • Creative contextualization: A capacity for outside-the-box thinking about what kind of approaches will work in a particular context
  • Sustainable organization: the ability to help leaders develop and adapt sustainable systems as their missional ministry grows
  • Multiplication outlook: focuses on the reproducible nature of missional living

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