Life Transformation Group (LTG)


This simple downloadable handout gives you everything you need to know to implement Life Transformation Groups (LTGs), a peer-led approach to intentional discipleship. Downloadable PDF file.


Life Transformation Groups are simple, reproducible groups of 2 to 4 people focused on scripture reading, prayer, and accountability questions. The groups are leaderless and non-facilitated. This discipleship method makes use of a simple template that helps people engage in God’s Word, reflect on their lives, confess sin, take steps to grow in holiness, and reach outside of themselves. The approach consists of a conversation geared toward working on character formation: the questions participants ask of one another become the processes that help facilitate discipleship. The key in peer-to-peer discipleship is not to try to do too much at once: engage with God, ask questions of one another, and respond to God’s leading. Once a peer-to-peer discipleship group reaches four people, members should begin looking toward multiplication into more than one group. Immediate delivery — downloadable PDF file