Too much to do? Confused about what to do first? Let’s run through the process of taking stock of our lives as they currently are. Start by considering existing responsibilities and important relationships. Do we have children? A spouse? Aging parents? Health limitations? Financial obligations? At different seasons of life, the answers to these questions may be quite different. But what are those answers right now?

Given our current situation in life, how can we best fulfill our responsibilities while still living as God has designed us to live? Sometimes it can feel like different aspects of our lives seem to be competing for our time and attention. When that happens we will need to make choices.

Draw a circle on a sheet of paper, putting yourself in the middle and anyone you have a responsibility to around the edges. Consider the following people or groups that you may have a responsibility to: God, family members, employers, coworkers, friends, teachers/school, church, government.  Now look at the chart and consider: How can you best meet these responsibilities? Which ones need to come first?