The purpose of a ministry flowchart is to diagram your overall strategy for achieving your mission. Diagramming your programs/ministry offerings will help you see the relationships among the areas. Here’s the process for creating a ministry flow chart:

  • First, click here to view the ministry flow chart handout: ministry flow chart handout
  • Note the six categories on the handout: Ministry focus group | engage culture | bridge toward discipleship | disciple-making process | missional communities | celebration
  • The cycle begins with “ministry focus group” on the left. These are the people you hope to serve and reach. You will likely need to engage culture somewhat before you fully understand who your ministry focus group is– so these two stages are not entirely linear. Knowing your ministry focus group and engaging culture are linked.  God will give further clarity as you engage.
  • Next to each of the rectangles, write your strategies for each of those areas.
  • Next to each of the arrows, write what communication happens to help people move from one rectangle into the next.
  • Identify any missing pieces.

Note what you are counting. What you count is what you value. Are you counting the number of people in your missional community groups? The number of people attending worship services? The number of people engaging culture?