As I’m getting prepared to take a four-day bike trip in mid-August, I’ve been doing some tune-ups.  As you may know, I had quad surgery a while back.  I did the assisted rehab and they did an outstanding job. However, I found during recovery that the body would naturally compensate for an injury.  The injury on my left side made my right side work harder, which tightened up my right hip.  That in turn led to my having a problem with my right hamstring and left calf.

Everything is connected, and an injury anywhere affects the whole system. When you compensate, it creates tightness in another area.  You’re not able to work on something in isolation– it’s all part of a bigger picture and a bigger whole.  Overemphasizing one part can strengthen it, but have a detrimental effect elsewhere unless you engage in what my physical therapist calls, “corrective movement.”

What kinds of corrective movement do we need in the church?