communion-bundleNeed a resource to help you or those you lead grow closer to God? Our bundle of three Communion-focused Journey Guides may be just what you’re looking for.

Love God  Loving God is the bedrock of all of the other steps– it’s the reason we’re on this journey to begin with. In a sense, every other step comes from here and returns to here. All of what we do as followers of Jesus stems from our relationship with God.

Find Your Focus  God has something unique for each of us to contribute to his Kingdom. By paying attention to what we are passionate about and what moves us, we gain important clues as to where God might want us to focus our efforts.

Look in the Mirror  As we try to follow in the footsteps of Jesus, it’s essential that we engage in some self-reflection once in a while. As human beings, we’re in a constant cycle of growth and change no matter what our age. Practice humility and open your heart to the possibility of change, for wherever God is at work, there will be change.

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