I spend a lot of my time coaching, and I’ve realized that I’m almost always working to help the client accomplish one of these actions:

  1. Clarifying: Very often people need to clarify what they want to do. They need to see the big picture. Usually the vision is there, but they haven’t been able to articulate it yet. Coaching helps them articulate it, bringing a greater level of clarity.
  2. Framing: Especially with very big visions and very big projects, people need a frame. They need to determine what are the key elements, what’s the overall construct or the way in which things can be organized… how the major pieces fit together.
  3. Focusing: Bringing a vision into focus is pinpointing. What do you need to be focusing on right now? Focus means determining what’s the most important area for you to zoom in on.
  4. Processing: People I coach often need help thinking through the process side of things. How will they help people embrace change? Who are the people who need to be a part of that change? How can they structure the process to get people on board and take their thoughts into account? What channels do they need to go through? As a coach, I ask the questions that help people think through their process.
  5. Prioritizing: As you have focused and processed, your priorities will become clearer. Sometimes people try to work on too many things at once. That problem requires prioritizing. There are many possible good things to be doing. What are the most important ones for you to tackle right now?
  6. Actionizing: When you’ve determined your priorities, you then need to translate those priorities into clear next steps. When and how are you going to take those next steps? That’s what I call actionizing.

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