Note: this is the fourth entry in a series on the Cultivating Missional Movements implementation guide.

God is not done with you yet. The last of the four stages in cultivating a missional movement is called “keep growing” because we never truly arrive. Using the CMM implementation guide alongside your cohort group, you already engaged in “get ready,” “get going,” and “stay with it.” Now it’s time to “keep growing.” What else is on the horizon?

  • Resource your movement: Far more than money is involved here. In fact, money badly used can cause great damage to the ministry. This section of the implementation guide helps you think through what resources are needed in your context.
  • Launch new movements: Now we are called to give away our best for the future of the kingdom, sponsoring movements beyond our own and invest personally in younger apostolic leaders.
  • Multiply everywhere: As we grow, we continue bridging into new places and cultures, learning from our successes and our failures, and fine-tuning our strategies as we go.

To process through this resource alongside us and other like-minded people, join us at our upcoming Cultivating Missional Movements Workshop in Bellevue WA on Nov 20-21, 2013, where the implementation guide is included. You can also purchase the guide separately on the Missional Toolkit website.