Nine-Keys-to-Effective-Small-Group-Leadership-How-Lay-Leaders-Can-Establish-Dynamic-and-Healthy-Cells-Classes-or-Teams1An oldie but a goodie, Carl George’s Nine Keys to Effective Small Group Leadership is still one of the very best resources out there for small group leaders. Check out a preview of his nine keys below… then buy copies of the book for each of your leaders.

Here are the nine keys:

  • Connect: Build a strong link with the pastoral staff
  • Recruit: Keep your leadership nucleus fresh and growing
  • Invite: Cultivate a larger contact group through enthusiasm and care
  • Prepare: Tailor a plan that you prayerfully personalize to your group and apprentices
  • Meet: Convene your group in such a way that people genuinely experience the Body of Christ
  • Bring: Help each group member appreciate the whole church through larger corporate worship
  • Serve: Make time to serve needs in and beyond the group
  • Win: Initiate the kind of outreach that makes Christ to people
  • Seek: Experience the renewal of God’s strength as you regularly meet with Him in secret