Years ago when I was teaching a class, one of my students had a friend in town and he asked if his friend and the friend’s wife could sit in on my class that afternoon. I said sure. Just recently I saw that student again and he said, “What you did during that time completely revolutionized their entire ministry. They got a new paradigm for the way they served.”

I of course had no idea what I had taught on that day—or what they had heard—but sometimes God just seems to work that way.  You just never know when you have a conversation that can change the entire trajectory of someone’s life and ministry.

I have conversations or interactions like this one from time to time. Although something may not strike me as significant, it can be profound for the other person… or vice versa. God gives us the grace to have those transformative interactions happen.  And sometimes we don’t even know about them at the time.

So here’s what I say to you:  You never know what God may be doing through your faithful work.  You never know what conversation will have an impact or be a significant turning point for someone.  Your work makes a difference.