Grace Ambassador: A new book by Dr. John Jackson

I’m delighted to announce the release of an important new book by my friend, Dr. John Jackson. I met him in fall of 2012 and, through his role as President of Jessup University, I could immediately see his passion for ministry. He asks great questions, is a strategic thinker and invests deeply in the development of people. So I knew before opened his book that Dr. Jackson would have something important to contribute to the Kingdom.

But only after I started reading did I begin to get an idea of how much he had to contribute. Grace Ambassador: Bringing Heaven to Earth is one of those books I wish I’d written myself. The words ring true in all of my experience of ministry, and I believe Dr. Jackson really gets to the core of what’s essential for the church today: all people discovering and using their spiritual gifts.

“The Father does indeed intend for those followers of his Son to be filled with and empowered by his Spirit and to bring life, hope, grace, peace, and power to the inhabitants of earth. We who are followers of Jesus are made for mission, and that mission happens in the everyday of life.”

In a world where power, celebrity, and “influence” seem to be everything, Dr. Jackson highlights the crucial importance of the ordinary person. Instead of the era of the celebrity pastor, we rather need to empower and release ordinary believers to spread the grace of Jesus through ordinary means. We are all ambassadors for Jesus, and there should be no distinction between lay and clergy, paid and unpaid. Let’s throw out the artificial sacred secular divide and move toward a New Reformation.

Grace Ambassador casts vision for a world where we again experience the reality of the priesthood of all believers, the Spirit being everywhere, and the Word of God being in the hands of everyone, not just the experts. What kind of power can be released in that kind of world? This book reminds me of one of my favorite sayings from the Vineyard movement: Everybody gets to play!

Beautifully written, deeply personal, and genuinely encouraging, Grace Ambassador calls us toward what God has for every one of us ordinary people.

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