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Remember the old TV show with the policeman who said in monotone, “Just the facts, ma’am.” That’s how to relate to a C: be factual. You also convince a C with facts. Emotional appeals, relational appeals and demands will all fail to convince a C to move if they don’t see the facts. When faced with a new possibility, a C is asking the question how. “How will this work?”

To work with a C well, give them tracks to run on. They do well with standards and checklists, and you don’t even have to provide those. Ask the C to come up with a checklist herself that covers all of the important details. Clear, agreed upon guidelines and parameters are important.

Then give the C time to do their work. They may need access to you when they get stuck or need more information, but otherwise they just need the time and space to get the project completed.  Never ask a C to do something on the spot. They will need time alone to sort out the details. Let them do their advance work to prepare and you’ll likely see stellar results.