Many leaders get road-blocked on their way to reaching their goals simply due to lack of connection with others. It sounds simple, but it’s essential—we need other people along the way with us. We need additional perspectives and fresh ideas. We need sounding boards and a place to process our thoughts. We need to feel like they’re connected to something bigger. All of this is essential to moving forward. Without intentionally creating an environment that allows connection with others around these kinds of ideas—something with set‐aside time—many good intentions come to naught.

Just as parents learn from one another, just as basketball players learn from one another, just as teachers learn from one another, we can benefit from connecting and reflecting alongside other leaders in ministry. We often have very limited opportunity to reflect on our experience and learn from others.

Some of the people who serve as sounding boards and connecting points for me are Colin, Janet, and Keith. Who are those people in your life?