Living incarnationally, serving others, building relationships… that takes a lot of time. Where can we find it? It’s extremely difficult—if not impossible—to do so when our commitments in the existing church are too extensive. We try to hang onto the old too much, which leaves us no time for the new.

How can you free up one hour per week? And then how can you spend that one hour? Anyone can free up one hour per week? How do you best spend it?

Then try five hours. How can you free up five hours, and how can you best invest them? Don’t think in terms of all or nothing, but in terms of how you can strategically move forward.

I recently made the decision to eat dinner earlier on Thursdays and instead facilitate a five-week group for people in a recovery center on “Living Life as God Intended.” I found the time by not watching the news that evening as I usually do after dinner.

Post one way you have freed up some time in the comments section.