assetsWhen we are faced with a challenging goal, one of the first places our minds go is to what we don’t have. I could do this if I had__________. A question I like to ask to counter or pre-empt that scarcity mindset is, “What assets do you already have?”  When we get people thinking about what they do have at their disposal (e.g. relationships, resources, spaces, talents, etc.) they become more energized toward meeting their goal.

Sometimes I assign people the asset mapping exercise. Using post-it notes, individuals or teams can brainstorm resources they have at their disposal. To engage in the asset mapping exercise, just follow the steps below:

Identify your assets

  • Select an area of focus.
  • One asset per note.
  • Don’t overlook assets.
  • Display each asset.

Vote with YOUR feet.

  • Decide on a pleasing action.
  • Vote with your feet.
  • Consult with the asset-holders.
  • Make a work plan.

Connect the Dots.

  • Connect several assets.
  • Brainstorm possible actions.
  • Connect to other assets.
  • Brainstorm other actions.
  • Give the action a name.

If God has called you to do something, he’s already given you enough to get started. Instead of coming from a scarcity mentality, we can come from an abundance mentality. Once we know our assets, the next step could be as simple as picking up the phone and calling someone we know to help us know where to go next.