Sure, you can send them to a training event and have them do some reading.  But if you really want a practical level of competency, you also need to help coaches-in-training get some hands-on experience:  living missionally themselves, practicing coaching, getting coach mentoring.  In this way they can gain competence both in basic coaching skills and in missional-specific competencies.

That’s what we do at our Missional Coach Training.  It’s not just an event… it’s a mentored process of gaining experience and competence.  Take a look at some of what we offer:

  • Coaching practice
    • Coach your two clients once a month for six months each (total of 12 sessions)
    • Use to track your coaching relationships
    • Conduct mid-course evaluation
  • Coach mentoring
    • Meet with your coach mentor once a month for six months (6 coach mentor sessions) to receive coaching on your coaching.
    • Read and process additional resources with your coach mentor.
  • Webinar learning communities facilitated by the trainer
    • Missional discipleship
    • Developing leadership
    • Establishing missional communities and churches

Next training coming up Aug. 28 & 29. If you want to learn more about our practical, hand-on training, go to eventbrite. Space is limited– get your registration in now.