What’s your motivation for delegation?

  • Desire to develop others and help them grow
  • Focus on what only you can do (God’s calling)
  • Make a greater ministry impact: how what they are doing advances the kingdom of God

Why don’t we delegate?

  • We don’t plan ahead so things are too last minute
  • We like doing it ourselves – and rob people of the opportunity to contribute
  • We don’t believe they can do it as well as we can – sometimes this is pride; other times it is simply not true (ability of 100 x 10% focus = 10 vs. ability of 50 x 80% focus = 40… 4 times more effective!)

Questions for reflection:

  • What are you doing that could be done by someone else?
  • Who could take the next steps in their development by taking on this assignment?
  • What training and support will you provide?
  • How will you focus your time on what only you can do?