Symbiosis : Applying NCD growth forces to church planting

It seems to me that the six Natural Church Development growth forces can be applied to church planting as well as to church health. Today we’ll tackle symbiosis.

One of the six NCD growth forces is known as symbiosis. That means that different ministries can cultivate cooperative relationships so the mutual benefit is greater than operating separately. Different ministry areas can cooperate with each other and work together to enhance overall effectiveness.

  • How can you maximize the benefits when you sense synergy and complementary giftedness between team members?
  • How can evangelism and discipleship be linked together so both areas benefit by the connection?
  • What other ministry areas can be highlighted in the corporate experience of worship?
  • How can your church work cooperatively with other groups or organizations in the community?

If you’re a church planter, consider these questions as you plan to ensure that your church becomes as healthy as possible.