Fruitfulness: Applying NCD growth forces to church planting

It seems to me that the six Natural Church Development growth forces can be applied to church planting as well as to church health. Today we’ll tackle fruitfulness.

One of the six NCD growth forces is known as fruitfulness. That means that each ministry needs to produce discernible results in line with its intended purpose. We need evaluate each ministry according to its fruitfulness and find ways to maximize that fruitfulness.

  • How can you articulate the vision and place clear steps on a timeline so it can be moved from vision into reality?
  • How will you assess the effectiveness of the outreach efforts and improve them?
  • What are you trying to produce with your discipleship process? To what degree is it yielding those results?
  • How well are your missional communities living out their intended purpose? What tangible results can you point to?

If you’re a church planter, consider these questions as you plan to ensure that your church becomes as healthy as possible.