This blog post is part of a series of nine entries, each highlighting one of the nine Journey Guides. Each Journey Guide is a three-week discipleship study. They can be engaged in separately or as a series.

Our service to others– both believers and unbelievers– is the lifeblood of our faith. Being the hands, feet and voice of Jesus is central to our everyday existence. Although it may not look as dramatic as we might expect, it will leave a lasting influence and impact. As the feet of Jesus, we go to the people he wants us to go to, we live with them and are present with them. As the hands of Jesus, we pitch in to help with whatever is needed, whether large or small. As the voice of Jesus, we speak words of hope, healing and encouragement into people’s lives. These three things form the heart of incarnational living.

Ask each other these questions to help one another journey along the way in this area:

  • Where does Jesus want you to be?
  • How does Jesus want you to serve?
  • What words is Jesus asking you to speak?

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