spirituallyOne thing I’ve noticed in our weekly house church gatherings is that when people truly get connected spiritually and faith becomes real for them– you can see it in their faces. There is a transformation you can see. They have become different, and it’s obvious that the transforming work of Jesus is happening in their life.

I’ve found that we don’t need to press people to make a decision for Jesus. We share the reality of the gospel with them and then just continue to let it saturate their lives. Conversion is a transformative experienced– the gospel becomes so real for them it shows up so you can physically see it in people’s eyes and in their faces.

Do we really trust the word of God and the Spirit of God to do the work as we journey alongside people? By doing that, we engage in a process of letting them own their faith and encounter God for themselves. There are few things more exciting that witnessing that process in others.