I don’t know about you, but Jean-Luc’s series of blog entries posted here over the past week and a half have given me a lot to think about. For me it made me increasingly aware of how the issues of racial pain and segregation get in the way of the gospel, especially here in the U.S. I wonder what issues I am not seeing, simply because I don’t know to look for them. I think I’ll need to explore that issue more deeply as the church plant I’m involved in is multi-cultural. In fact, just yesterday I posted some thoughts on some similar themes at  www.churchplanting.com, where I am a regular guest blogger.  It’s a great site– I’d encourage you to check it out sometime.

I’m sure after reading Jean-Luc’s series here, you have some additional reflections. Please share thoughts here if you feel comfortable. I also wanted to let you know that Jean-Luc will be in Los Angeles this weekend. I’ll be sitting down with him to interview him, and am wondering—what questions would you like me to ask him?