Note: part of a series started April 22nd.

“What’s next?” It’s a simple question, but one that we need to be asking ourselves on a macro-scale at least once a year. What does God have for me next? How am I to invest my time, resources, and energy?

I had two different people ask me that question during the phase that started my thinking about planting a new church. “What’s next?” was the launching point for a season of prayer and reflection for me that resulted in the vision for a new network of missional house churches. When I looked around at the world, I could see the vast untapped potential of reproduction at the micro level. It was happening in other parts of the world. Why not here? The question “What’s next?” led me to these reflections… and ultimately to planting a new church.

Ask yourself “What’s next?” spend some time in prayer and reflection and see what God is saying to you.