Time Management Skill Builders Booklet


Managing our time to get the most out of our day involves using the minutes in each day effectively. The Time Management Skill Builders booklet can help.


If your bank credited your account with $480 every morning, and then every evening took back whatever amount you had failed to use, what would you do? Withdraw every dollar and every cent you could, right?

Time works a little like a bank. Every morning you are credited with 480 minutes in an eight-hour work day, or 1,440 minutes every 24 hours. Every night whatever time you have failed to invest in a good purpose is “lost”. Time cannot carry a balance forward and it does not allow overdrafts. Each new day it opens a new account with you, and each night it burns the record for the day.

If you fail to use your day’s deposit of time, the loss is all yours. There is no going back, no drawing against tomorrow. Managing our personal time to get the most out of our work day – and of course, our life – involves using the minutes in each day as effectively as you can. This booklet will help you to do that.

Other helpful resources in this area include the Time Management Coaching Guide with Storyboard and the Time Management Profile.


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