One theme that seems to come up with many missional leaders is they think in terms of all or nothing. They want to move their whole ministry missional/incarnational, but they can’t get everyone to go there. I’ve talked with a lot of these leaders lately. They feel paralyzed because there are always some people or groups who simply are going to be resistant. When I reframe the question to, “Of the people you have, which ones are the most receptive to going these directions?” then all of a sudden you see their face light up. They respond with the people who they know right off the top of their head would go there. “Oh, I can think of 2, 3, or 4 people who could go there.”  Start with them. Start with the people who are receptive, who can follow your leadership, who will take some small steps and journey together. Once you spot the people to start with, you can approach them with an invitation to journey down that path together with them.

Too often we focus on those who are reluctant or resistant to going with us, while ignoring those who are receptive, responsive and ready to try new things if you journey alongside them. Join together with them and do something to help them act their way into a new way of thinking. Volunteer together. Go through the Tangible Kingdom primer together, get some wins. Then you can expand from there.