New book on bi-vocational ministry: BiVo by Hugh Halter

I just finished reading Hugh Halter’s latest book: BIVO: A Modern-Day Guide For Bi-Vocational Saints. This book’s release is particularly timely, as I’m seeing more and more leaders becoming bi-vocational. Given the practicality of bi-vocational ministry, I expect that it will only continue to grow as we move further into the 21st century.

As I would expect of a book written by a practitioner, BIVO is filled with a lot of good practical insights. There are nuggets of wisdom scattered throughout, but my pick for the best chapter to guide you is “Learning the Labyrinth of Bi-Vocational Life.”

Written in Hugh’s honest and approachable style, BIVO is a great read for anyone who wants to consider this new direction in the church’s future. Highly recommended.