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Here’s something a lot of people don’t know about me. Throughout my 30+ years of ministry, I’ve poured the vast majority of the money I’ve received directly back into more resource development. I like the fact that when people coach with me, they’re not just gaining traction for their own ministry goals. They’re contributing to the development of new resources that can help others.

I love that double-dip and I love the fact that my team and I are producing tools that actually help others become more effective at living out their callings. It’s very much on my heart to help people become more effective in what God has called them to do, so I love being able to live that out in a dual way: through my coaching and through the resources I develop together with my team.

My recent book The Missional Journey talks about practical ways to live out missional ministry in our congregations. I’m working a series of discipleship resources that help ensure that when we develop leaders, we’re starting with those who are truly disciples. I’m collaborating with my partner Dave DeVries to build out all the systems for missional church planting. And I love the synergy that results from the intersection of my coaching and my resource development.

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The Missional Journey

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