The 12 Life Commitments
Below is the text of a document that several people have asked me to pass along to them. Maybe it will be helpful to post here as well. These are the basic commitments of those who are a part of the church I’m currently planting. But because a stated value means nothing if there is no behavior attached to it (see the book of James), we have created a coaching question that gets at the behavioral aspect of each of the 12 life commitments. By asking each other these questions regularly in our church, we can help each other stay on track.

Coaching Questions for 12 Life Commitments

  • Growing in obedience to the Great Commandment and the Great Commission


  • Relationship: How are you deepening your experience with God?
  • Transformation: How is God changing your life?
  • Responsiveness: How has the Holy Spirit been prompting you?


  • Authenticity: In what ways are you being genuine with those around you?
  • Respect: How have you had opportunity to value people?
    Involvement: How are you relationally engaged with others?
  • Service: How have you been the hands and feet of Jesus?


  • Discern: In whom do you see God working?
  • Explore: What conversations have you had about spiritual things?
  • Invite: Who have you encouraged to become followers of Jesus?
  • Establish: How are you helping new believers follow Jesus?
  • Multiply: How are you helping new followers make more followers?

©2008 Robert E. Logan