Early in my days as a young church planter I realized the following:

The key to greater fruitfulness is not doing more, but doing less.

Initially when I shared this idea people were confused – how could doing less help? They knew I had a long list of things to do, people to meet, studies to prepare, so how could not completing these tasks increase my fruitfulness?

This simple idea transformed my ministry. When I empowered others to do the tasks that I did not need to do personally, I saw fruit. But it wasn’t the fruit I expected. I saw people who did not consider themselves leaders acting as leaders. I saw people around me coming up with ideas and beginning to act on them.

In the meantime I was free to focus my time and attention on a few key things instead of a million small things. Try it—even if you initially think you cannot pass some things to others. Give it 30 days, then let me know what you think.