I’ve been amazed over the last month of my recuperation by how many others have been willing to come around and help me. Various people have driven me around. Someone came out and set up a wheelchair ramp for my outside stairs. People will hold elevators for me. Total strangers have opened doors for me or carried my bag. Overall I’ve been amazed at how thoughtful most people are.

I’ve tried to be considerate in return. I try to ask for only the help that is truly necessary. (Hence the guy who carried my Starbucks for me.) I’ve tried to limit and consolidate my trips to be considerate of those driving me around. The question I ask is this:  What are the things that I can’t do but that still needs to be done? And as my leg heals and my capacity grows, I’m able to take more of these responsibilities back on myself.

The process is similar to how the church operates among those who are injured. We help people as they need help. As they heal, they can do more and more on their own. In cases where they heal fully, they are often the ones holding open doors for others.