togetherLike peanut butter and chocolate, some things are just better together. Coaching and missional movements are like that. You understand the value of coaching. You want to cultivate a missional movement. But what happens when you put those two things together?

That’s one of the questions we’ll explore at the upcoming Cultivating Missional Movements Workshop– how can you apply coaching toward the goal of a missional movement? We’ll look at:

  1. Coaching at the grassroots level
  2. The coaching of church planters
  3. Coaching apostolic leaders
  4. The coaching support systems behind the whole movement

Coaching at a one-on-one level is incredibly significant and helpful for an individual’s life and ministry. Coaching applied at a whole systems level is a complete game-changer. If this concept sounds like something you want to explore, join us at the Cultivating Missional Movements Workshop.  You can download a flyer below.