thanksgivingGuest blog entry from Christina Roberts, church planter:

I was recently talking with my coach, sifting through all of the elements that need to be put into place for my next ministry initiative.

I realized in saying all of this that I feel like I am making a Thanksgiving meal. There are a lot of different dishes that need to be prepared for the meal. You have to figure out the exact menu in advance so you can buy all of the ingredients. Yet you can’t buy certain things too far in advance, because you need to make sure they are fresh.

You also need to decide which items you can make ahead of time to assure that you have enough oven space left on the day of the event. Timing is important, so that you are ready to serve the meal all together at the same time and can sit down and enjoy it.

In the same way, there are several different things going on in our church that all tie into the same outcome and goal. Coaching helps me sort out my role in it all and how the timing should work together.