Lately I’ve been working on putting together missional coach training for a couple of different groups. I’ve done quite a lot of these types of trainings over the years, but no two are ever quite the same. Even when two different groups need and want the same basic content, they each need to process and contextualize that content a bit differently.

As I’ve been working on putting this most recent batch of trainings together, I’ve found myself reflecting on two principles that I’ve found that contribute to a good experience for those participating. One:  how does the content of this training connect to the roots of who this organization is? How does it reflect their character, their values, their history? And two: How does the content of the training contribute to where this group is going? How does it help them achieve their desired goals? How does it contribute to their big picture?

By helping people look both backward and forward, a trainer can help participants firmly ground what they are learning in their own history and context. The result? Significantly increased staying power. Try applying these concepts to the next training you do and see what happens.