Pastors and leaders have some unique challenges and struggles. But what isn’t unique is the basic Christian lifestyle that Jesus calls all believers toward. The vast majority of biblical injunctions are for all of us, not just leaders. Leaders have some additional requirements placed upon us, but we are expected to live in obedience to the teachings of Jesus and the scriptures just as others are. No exceptions.

So consider… What are you expecting the people in your congregation to do that you’re not doing yourself?

  • prayer?
  • reaching out to nonbelievers?
  • attending to spouses and children and actively working on those relationships?

Being too busy with ministry is never a good excuse. Take some time to reflect on and assess your own discipleship practices at

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The Discipleship Difference: Making Disciples While Growing As Disciples

“Why am I even bothering to do this?” Rob thought to himself as he stacked the chairs. The sky outside the window was darkening, and he could hear the last of the cars pulling out of the church parking lot.We invest a lot of time, thought and energy into our discipleship efforts. We teach classes, […]

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