I was recently asked in a blog comment to define what I mean by incarnational, missional ministry.  I’ve actually been asked that same question in a number of different ways, but this may be the most direct articulation of it.  Essentially, what do I mean when I say “incarnational, missional ministry”?

Although I could go with a direct definition, it seems like what most people are actually looking for is to have someone paint a picture of what incarnational, missional looks like.  What does this look like in real life?  And what actual steps do we need to take to get there?

In keeping with my original intention for this blog (a place to sort out my thoughts and begin drafting the beginnings of new resources), I’m going to use the next 12 blog entries to sift through my initial thoughts on the benchmarks of incarnational, missional ministry.  What it looks like, what defines it, how we can apply it.  Necessarily, my thoughts here will be incomplete—and maybe in some cases inaccurate—so I invite your feedback as we go.

The 12 footsteps:

1.       Love God

2.       Love Others

3.       Serve Others

4.       Make Disciples

5.       Make a Difference

6.       Find your Focus

7.       Involve Others

8.       Look in the Mirror

9.       Lead into the Mission

10.   Expand Outward

11.   Multiply Communities

12.   Release the Work of God