We at Logan Leadership have put together a new website as a service to those wanting to live more incarnationally and missionally.   If you want a site that empowers your people to help each other along that journey, you’ve been looking for Journey Together Now.

This website outlines the 9 footsteps of Jesus, with descriptions and coaching questions for each. People in your ministry can ask each other questions to support one another in their desire to live missionally and incarnationally. For those who want to go into more depth, we’ll be rolling out a series of journey guides—3 weeks’ worth of interactive material for each of the 9 footsteps of Jesus. Go to the site to have a look around and sign up to be notified of future releases. Give your people the gift of empowerment and see their potential released out into the world.

Check it out at www.journeytogethernow.com.