This week I’m doing a five-part series to help you critically examine and sharpen your own ministry. The goal is to create a template that will allow you to serve as a consultant for your own ministry… a way of reflecting, assessing and clarifying where you are and where you want to go.

Today is step 1: vision.

What are you trying to accomplish? Start by laying out the answer to that question as clearly as you can:

  • e.g. Our goal is to multiply churches (plants or satellites) to reach 1% of Chicago: 29,000 people.

Now paint a picture of that. What will it look like when your vision is fully developed?

  • e.g. People will be involved in involved in holistic ministry, social justice and compassion, winning people to Christ, multiplying small groups.

Use these additional questions to help unpack the vision:

  • What are the leaders doing?
  • What different kinds of leaders are functioning?
  • If we were observing them in action, what would we see them doing?
  • What competencies do they have?

The outcome of step 1 is to have a very clear picture of the vision in mind.  Click here to move to step 2: identifying your values.