Don’t make them sit on the board

Boards are important– I know that. But consider giftedness when you’re looking at where to plug people into leadership. There are almost certainly some people in your congregation or ministry who would love to get involved in local outreach ministries that take them beyond the doors of the church. It would be more life-giving for them and more productive for the kingdom.

Don’t make them sit on the board. Commission them as local missionaries. Make it official. Too often we make only the roles inside the church official. If people want to do something outside the church, we can have this attitude: “Well, we could have used you here, but okay. If you must.” And we quietly usher them out.

What about ushering them out loudly and with ceremony? Recognizing that they are doing something important in kingdom work? Commissioning local missionaries officially and publically can set an example for others to follow, and soon you’ll have more people serving in the community making a difference in the lives of those who don’t yet know Jesus.

Get people out there doing the main thing Jesus called them to do. Help them free up time. Provide support. And publically honor what they’re doing.