See Lives Transformed

Discipleship - Logan LeadershipWhy did you go into ministry in the first place? Most likely you wanted to make disciples, see lives changed, see the Kingdom of God advanced. You wanted to see transformation.

Churches and ministries only grow as well as the disciples they develop. It’s time to go back to the basics with a focus on discipleship. We can help you create a simple, relational, yet focused system that can help you get traction for making disciples at all levels.

New resources available

You may remember that a while back I launched Journey Together Now, a new website for lay leaders. The site includes a “map” of the 9 foosteps of Jesus that people in discipling relationships can work through together on their spiritual journeys. Now Journey Guides...

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Building A Discipling Culture

Yesterday, we heard from Brian Williamson. The book he's been using in his ministry is called Building a Discipling Culture.  One of the really helpful things in this book is the quadrant it provides for exploring the invitation-challenge model. In the context of...

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The Map

Everyone says, “We need to live differently. We need to live more incarnationally, more missionally?” But what does that look like? And how do we actually do it? What are the key indicators that we’re moving in the right direction? We see the need. Now we need the...

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Make Disciples

Discern spiritual curiosity Share the story of Jesus Help others follow Jesus Seeing as it was the last thing Jesus told us to do before his ascension, we should spend some quality time thinking through what it means to make disciples.  How do we make disciples?  What...

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Love God

Love God *Engage with God *Listen to the Spirit *Experience transformation What does it look like to love God? A million different ways. The quiet man who runs prayer retreat center in the mountains and the gregarious businesswoman in New York who seems to know...

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Footsteps of Jesus

I was recently asked in a blog comment to define what I mean by incarnational, missional ministry.  I’ve actually been asked that same question in a number of different ways, but this may be the most direct articulation of it.  Essentially, what do I mean when I say...

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Making Life Count

Not to be self-promotional or anything, but my most recent book saw its biggest bulk purchase ever over the holidays. One church bought a copy of Making Life Count for each person in their congregation as a Christmas present—over 3,000 copies. In case you haven’t seen...

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