Focused Ministry Coaching Guide with Storyboard


With The Focused Ministry Coaching Guide and Storyboard you can help people get involved in the effective, focused ministry that God is calling them to.


If you want to help people get involved in effective, focused ministry, this document, in conjunction with the Focused Ministry Storyboard, provides you with an overview of that process. With a basic structure for the stages of ministry involvement in hand, plus help in discovering the right questions to start asking, you’ll find you’re better prepared to move people forward into the kind of ministry God is calling them toward.

No two people are exactly alike, and no two ministry roles are exactly alike. That’s why our material is principle-specific, not role specific. Whether the person you are developing becomes a small group apprentice, a hospitality team member, or a greeter, you’ll still need to engage the same topics listed below. The only foundation that is assumed is a basic framework of obedient discipleship—because a person can’t start getting involved in ministry without first engaging in a relationship with God and others.

Essentially, what you have here is a set of notes to walk you through the essentials of engaging people in ministry. The effectiveness of any local ministry is dependent upon obedient disciples becoming meaningfully engaged in a focused ministry that reflects God’s unique gifting and calling on their lives. This journey of discovery involves exploring opportunities through a process of trial and error, risk-taking and stepping outside of our comfort zone. The process set out below will provide individuals with a framework that will help them discover the unique contribution they can bring to a local ministry and beyond.


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