Directions for the futureEvery few years I engage in the painful– yet ultimately rewarding and productive– process of updating my website. Now is that season.

Not only am I redesigning the site, but I’m coordinating how I do my blog, tweets, and newsletters. So you’ll see some changes in the coming months. For example, this month I’ll be blogging less often, but exploring each of the four main areas I’ll be highlighting on my website:

  • Coaching
  • Training
  • Consulting
  • Resources

Yet know that with all of these changes, the vision of Logan Leadership remains the same. As a young church planter, knocking on doors in the 70s and struggling to get a new church up and running, I had a vision that has since directed the rest of my life.

In my vision I was standing at the seashore in southern California. I was joined by other church planters along the shore and they began to swim out to Catalina Island. I stood watching as planters began to struggle in the water and drown. I started to get angry as I saw others making it, but not coming back to help those in danger. I told the Lord at that moment that if he gave me a chance to do something about it I would.

Since that day I have devoted my life to coming alongside other Christian leaders, helping them engage in the ministries God has called them to. That’s the vision of Logan Leadership: helping you faithfully live out your vision so that our churches can become all that God intended them to be.