Asking for help and counselYou know what’s a very simple action to take that will dramatically improve your team dynamic? Asking each other for counsel and advice.

Starting by setting an example, encourage networking on your team. Ask for feedback, advice, and ideas from others about your ministry area. “Here’s what I’m currently thinking…. What feedback would you give me?” Even just asking the question shows respect and value for other people.

Especially when you’re asking people about their areas of strength, it can significantly sharpen your thinking and improve your strategy. If you have a written ministry proposal, ask someone on your team who is good at writing to look it over and give you suggestions for improvement. If you’re leading a gathering of adults, ask the youth pastor for some interactive icebreaker ideas that could work well for adults as well as teens.

Approaching ministry this way allows teams to work on problems together, help each other out, and encourage each other raise issues and questions for one another. If you model it, others will follow, and you’ll be amazed at the spirit of reciprocity this approach engenders. As people feel valued and connected, you’ll experience an increasing sense of bonding and goodwill on your team… as well as getting some great ideas for moving the ministry forward.

Photo by Daniel Jensen on Unsplash