community-bundleNeed a resource to help you or those you lead bring people together more effectively to live out the one-another commands of Jesus? Our bundle of three Community-focused Journey Guides may be just what you’re looking for.

Love Others  Jesus said that all of the Law and the Prophets hang on just two commandments:  Love God and Love Others. From these two commandments flow everything else. What does it mean to love others? It’s always a messy process, and often an uncomfortable one, but where we really follow Jesus is in the day-to-day messiness of life with others.

Team with Others  No matter what our ministry looks like, we need to find ways to do it alongside others. None of us are complete on our own. Not only can we support one another as we work together, but we can encourage one another and challenge one another on toward further growth and development.

Get Involved  Following Jesus has never been a go-it-alone kind of faith. If we follow Jesus, we are by definition part of something bigger than ourselves. To fully participate in that community, we need to get involved and become part of it… not just giving our services but giving our hearts as well.

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