Coming Church RevolutionHow do you connect the large celebration gatherings with the small groups as a church grows? This is the question Carl George asks in his book The Coming Church Revolution. In it he provides a way to think about how to empower groups and teams at the grassroots level while still connecting the senior pastor to the group leaders.

If you picture a globe, the larger celebrations are in the north and the small groups are in the south. In the middle zone are some mid-sized groups that function as a blended way to get people connected. In some churches people will come to the celebrations first, then you need a way for them to make connections with people so they can get into a group or a meaningful ministry. Other times people come in through the side door because they know people there,then those people bring them to the worship celebration. How do you organize your church so everyone is being cared for in a small group or on a ministry team?

If you believe– as I do– the most important gathering in the church is the small group, then The Coming Church Revolution is a great practical book to help you think through how to provide leadership for the whole church that allows you to grow to any size without sacrificing the relationships. Carl George maps out a way to maintain connectedness, coaching, and pastoral care that work even in large churches.

Coming Church Revolution, The: Empowering Leaders for the Future

Church growth leader Carl F. George shows how meta-church renewal empowers people for worship and ministry.

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