Here’s a fabulous coaching story by ministry leader Dave Wasemann:

kid I am preparing a fourth grader and a second grader for baptism and first communion. They are related so we meet in the kitchen of one family’s home. We have been studying four chapters a week in a children’s Bible story book. We have been discussing the ideas of incarnation and mission– without specifically using those words. I love discipling all ages. I forget the topic but I looked at them and asked them a pertinent question. Shayleah, the second grader, looked at me and said, “That is a good question!”  I felt like the kid who pulled a plum out of the pie.

Postscript from Bob: It’s my personal rule of thumb that whenever someone you’re coaching stops in their tracks and says, “That’s a good question,” it means you’ve touched on something important. When a client says, “That’s a good question,” the only appropriate response from the coach is silence. Just be still and wait for them to process the question.