Cultivating missional movements get ready

Dave DeVries and I teamed up to write The Missional Journey to help you through the journey of cultivating missional movements. The best way to process and implement the ideas in this book is to join us at our upcoming Cultivating Missional Movements Workshop in Bellevue WA on Nov 20-21, 2013.

However, if you can’t do that, we also have an implementation guide available. It’s intended to be used along with a cohort group of other like-minded people, and it walks you step-by-step through the process of launching and sustaining a missional movement of multiplying ministries.

The first of the four stages is called “get ready.” What do you need to do during the “get ready” stage of your movement? Some items include:

  • Seize the mission of Jesus: Do a gut check, both personally and as an organization. How deeply are you embracing the mission of Jesus? How well can you articulate it? To what degree are you acting on it?
  • Catalyze prayer: What are you doing to catalyze prayer toward a missional movement? How are your leaders engaged in prayer? To what degree are you experientially aware of your dependence on God for a movement?
  • Act like a movement: Even if you’re not a movement yet, you need to start acting as though you are. Behave in such a way that will lay the foundation for a future movement.

If you’re serious about moving forward toward this vision, check out the Cultivating Missional Movements implementation guide, available at the Missional Toolkit website.