Closed questions vs. open questionsOne challenge we face in coaching is to learn how to ask open-ended questions. From an early age we are exposed to closed questions. Parents, for example, usually ask closed questions: Did you do that? Are you ready to…? In school we are given true/false or multiple choice questions, so we learn to gather information through closed questions.

However, closed questions kill creative conversations.

Learn how to convert closed questions to open questions, and see how much more powerful and creative the answers become:

  • Is this an effective strategy for you?
  • What makes this an effective strategy for you?
  • Is there more to be learned here?
  • How can you increase the learning in this experience?
  • It sounds like you’re stuck between those two choices – is that true?
  • What’s another choice besides the two in front of you?

The examples above are drawn from an excellent resource: CoActive Coaching