The clearness committeeWhat’s at the same time readily obvious, yet constantly forgotten? The fact that we need one another. When we actually think about it, we’ll assent to that idea: Of course we need each other. Different gifts, different perspectives, moral support. Others often know what we fail to see. Absolutely, we need each other.

Yet most of us come from unfailingly individualistic cultures. We’re not supposed to need other people. We’re supposed to be independent. This conflict creates a tension in how we access the community of faith around us.

The Quaker group has a practice called a “clearness committee.” Anyone who is seeking clarity around God’s leading can call a clearness committee. The community then comes together to listen and ask questions. No input is given. The idea is simply to help the person process and discern what they are hearing from God as they are making their decision.

What do you have in place in your community to help you when you are faced with difficult decisions? How can you draw from the strengths of God’s people without retreating into isolation or individualism? Very often those who know us well would be willing and able to help us see more clearly… if we ask them.