For many years in recent history the church has focused on spiritual transformation. Rightly so—for this is what the Holy Spirit brings to us. Yet a piece seemed to be missing. Where was the relationship? The community? The love?

Then the church began placing more emphasis on authentic relationships, and we had spiritual transformation and authentic relationships. Yet something was still missing—something that is becoming increasingly important for credibility:  sacrificial service. With sacrificial service comes a more holistic gospel: one that can change not only individual hearts but can change society, neighborhoods, schools, social systems.

Gospel transformation is much bigger than just changing the individual, and it’s much bigger than just redemptive relationships. We need to bring together authentic relationships, sacrificial services, and spiritual transformation. Together, we follow in the footsteps of Jesus, living as he did and becoming more like him. Jesus gave us, by example and command, the authority to heal physically and spiritually.

We are not just to preach forgiveness of sins, we are not just offer a cup of cold water in his name, and we are not just to live in harmony with one another. It all goes hand in hand. Our task of reconciliation involves the whole person—physical, social, and spiritual.